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What We Do?
Klik QA offers a wide range of business solutions testing to ensure the highest quality,
stability and security of software products.
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What We Test?
B2B platforms
EAS solutions
CRM systems
Corporate web sites
DSS (Decision Support Software) solutions
BPM (Business Performance Management) systems
Employee schedule system
We review the project and determine the scope of work on the basis of project documentation provided by a customer.
Having all deliverables specified we provide an offer which includes the description of selected strategy and quotation.
How we test?
Our Business Solutions Testing Process.
After getting approvals from the customer, both sides elaborate the schedule of work and finalize the project budget.
The parties sign the final contract and the project starts.

Why business solutions testing matters?

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company's business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.

Enterprise Applications have become the backbone of many organizations across the globe today. Ineffective testing and defective applications not only prove to be costly, but also damage a company's reputation.
E-Business solutions are critical for proper functioning of large enterprises, small and mid-sized companies, that is why quality matters more than ever when it comes to enterprise level solutions.

Testing of business solutions requires high-class expertise and skilled testers team involvement.

Check list for launching e-commerce solution

The complexity of business solution testing might be illustrated by the check-list for launching e-commerce solution.

1. Performance & Load testing: Check an app under high loads.

The first and foremost condition to attract visitors is a good performance of your site. Living in a cutting-edge time, we have no time for waiting long before the page is downloading, or a certain button suddenly stops to work. It is annoying. Well-designed e-commerce sites can perfectly withstand all possible scenarios and work according to the rules as users expect it to work. For this, performance and load testing can check whether your application has the capacity to respond quickly and can handle a big number of simultaneous users.
2. User Experience.

To cope with competitors available on the market, it is mandatory to deliver the impeccable user experience, and Usability Testing is the right path to gain very valuable insights from your users regarding why and how they use your products. Ultimately, the state of being user-friendly is the main thing in any product.

3. Homepage: the First Step of a Customer Journey.

Do not make your home page a product listing page, use it to create an appeal. For instance, running A/B testing can result in much better conversion rates, and obtaining clear navigation menus.
4. Ensure Search Functionality of Your App.

Very often, e-commerce products have hundreds and thousands of product items, but how can users handle immense searching scenarios to discover the needed item, when the search bar will have bugs? Be sure that your search bar works correctly and outputs expected results, conduct effective sorting, and works flawlessly. Moreover, it is also important to have a prominent search bar on every page presented on your site.
5. Check the Product's Details Section.

More information, fewer doubts. Attention to even the smallest details does wonders. If you check image clarity, visibility of the product price, product specifications, stock accuracy, customer reviews, and other things, your customers will get a broader understanding of what you offer to them. Consequently, this factor will lead you to greater sales, and as a great bonus, your e-commerce website will totally be superior above all the existing options on the market.
6. Make the Payment Process Easy and Safe for Online Customers.

Everything that connects with the money of your customer should be checked with more attention than anything else. Bugs at the payment page lead to big stress. On top of this, it is also imperative to check whether customers' data can be secured during all the transactions.
7. Mobile Responsiveness.

Browse, shop, product research: do these functions work with the same accuracy on tablets, or mobile phones? More and more users prefer to use mobile phones: it is always comfortable to use anywhere and anyhow. According to statistics from OuterBox, 62% of smartphone users made a purchase via their smartphone, which increases the necessity to check thoroughly the mobile responsiveness of e-commerce products. Take care of mobile testing and be sure that all the items are visible and operating well. Mobile-friendly e-commerce websites are attracting not only new visitors, but also making the old ones return to use it again, and again.

8. Maintain Consumer Confidence: Take Special Care of Security Testing

With cyber-security being a major concern for online shoppers, security testing is a must if you take care of customers' data and personal information. You can stumble upon a variety of issues with security like injection, broken authentication, cross-site scripting, broken access control, security misconfiguration, etc. To avoid malicious attacks, before the final release, it is necessary to conduct security testing or penetration testing. It is almost impossible to deliver a well-operating e-commerce product without penetration testing executed. Give customers the reassurance that their financial details are safe by showing your SSL certificate or any security badges on the check-out page.

Klik QA testing for business solutions includes

Klik QA offers a wide range of business solutions testing to ensure the highest quality, stability and security of software products.
Our team will test your B2B platform testing, corporate web sites testing, EAS solutions testing, CRM systems testing, BPM (Business Performance Management) systems, Employee schedule system, DSS (Decision Support Software) solutions.

The key stages of Business solutions QA testing by Klik QA

We elaborate a comprehensive approach to satisfy our customers' needs. Our Business solutions QA testing service consists of four key stages. We start with analyse of the given situation based on the information available, then we develop a tailored test strategy and select suitable testing methods.
After getting approvals from the customer, both sides elaborate the schedule of work and finalize the project budget. At the end we provide our customers with a comprehensive report and recommendation about the furthers steps for possible improvements.

Extended tech expertise by Klik

We offer various additional IT services for your business needs. Check out our affiliated brands (or affiliated companies) to find the best match for your needs. Kilk QA team organizes a comprehensive quality assurance process and provides the wide range of test services: starting from.
Managed IT services, cyber security, superior cloud services and many more to help you stay one step ahead your competitors in the fast-paced digital world.
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