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What We Do?
Quality is the essence when it comes to human lives. That's why healthcare solutions
require precise quality evaluation. Klik QA offers a wide range of healthcare solutions
testing to ensure their highest quality and reliability.

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What We Test?
Providers systems
Regulatory compliance
Feedback system
Broker systems
Finance system
We review the project and determine the scope of work on the basis of project documentation provided by a customer.
Having all deliverables specified we provide an offer which includes the description of selected strategy and quotation.
How we test?
Our Healthcare Testing Process.
After getting approvals from the customer, both sides elaborate the schedule of work and finalize the project budget.
The parties sign the final contract and the project starts.

The critical importance of Healthcare Software Testing

The healthcare IT market is on the rise. A recent report estimated that we can expect a growth up to $45.42 billion in 2022.

The quality requirements for healthcare, medical applications are highly strict, specific and stringent. There can be no room for error-absolutely at all because lives are at stake. Quality Assurance vendors have pushed the bar for safety and accuracy for medical application testing to ensure that there is no inaccuracy, infiltration or hacks. The IT industry too is under tremendous pressure, because they have to provide error-free apps to their customers, and with the surge in demand, the need for quality apps went several notches higher.
Given below are some areas that the QA team must peruse before they are ready to release an application in the market:

Data security. All the areas of vulnerability should be identified and focused. Data encryption makes it secure, so the data has to be encrypted, both when in motion and when at rest. However, it could be a bit tricky to verify data that's at rest. Usually, these applications are downloaded on mobile devices, either permanently or on an intermediate basis. Hence, it is important for the encryption to work optimally, and this should be stringently checked in web and hybrid applications.
Data privacy

Strict authorization and access control can make the application more focused and result-oriented. Certain boundaries should be set so the information reaches only the people who are authorized to receive it. While the patient information is shared across people, care should be taken to ensure that it reaches only the members of the caregiving team and not the entire facility, so boundaries should be set from that level.

Usability is a critical aspect of healthcare software testing. There cannot be absolutely any room for error of any sort because lives are at stake. Usability issues can lead to clinical issues, and the patient can suffer through an adverse event.

Regulatory compliance - wherein there are certain rules and regulations mandated under HIPAA, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), data security regulations and more. Healthcare entities can also abide by the Common Security Framework (CSF) prescribed by HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) to prove their security standards.

The performance aspect of a healthcare application is extremely important. Social media platforms are meant to handle millions of transactions per second. Fortunately, medical applications do not have to handle such a huge volume because they cater to a limited user group. Nevertheless, when you look at the implications of a medical application, performance becomes a critical aspect.

Testing and QA services for healthcare institutions

The healthcare system consists of different categories of actors: providers (hospitals, clinics), receivers (patients), intermediaries (insurance companies), regulatory authorities and solution vendors. The primary challenge of a good software product is to please all these categories and provide timely and accurate responses – all while remaining compliant and safe.
Once approved in the development environment, the software needs to be tested in real-life situations to ensure proper integration with other platforms and prevent any dysfunctions that could make the system run slower or crash altogether. This is a countermeasure to installing any new software, since this is costly and takes time, thus making healthcare providers reluctant to changes and attached to legacy systems.

Testing and QA services for hospitals and pharmaceutical industry

Functional testing – this should ensure the product behaves as intended even in unlikely situations. This will also identify any gaps and validate scenarios before moving on to the next steps.

Performance testing – this checks if it responds fast enough to be useful, even when the network is not at its top parameters. This testing focuses on architecture, scalability, and tuning.
Penetration and vulnerability testing – this is required because healthcare programs handle information that is much more personal than financial records and more dangerous in the hands of hackers.

UX testing – this will reveal if the program is easy to use, intuitive, and has a short learning curve.

Automated testing – this will check if there are any reusable scripts that cover most likely situations.

Healthcare software testing services by Klik QA

Quality is the essence when it comes to human lives. That's why healthcare solutions require precise quality evaluation. Klik QA offers a wide range of healthcare solutions testing to ensure their highest quality and reliability.

We test providers and brokers systems, finance systems and feedback systems, we check compliance with current industry regulations which is especially important when it comes to healthcare industry.
Collaboration with Kilk QA is a stress-less way to get the high-standard service at affordable price. Our top-qualified experts work to provide you an amazing experience and best possible outcomes.

The key stages of healthcare solutions testing by Klik QA

We elaborate a comprehensive approach to satisfy our customers' needs. Our healthcare software industry testing service consists of four key stages. We start with analyse of the given situation based on the information available, then we develop a tailored test strategy and select suitable testing methods.
After getting approvals from the customer, both sides elaborate the schedule of work and finalize the project budget. At the end we provide our customers with a comprehensive report and recommendation about the furthers steps for possible improvements.

Extended tech expertise by Klik

We offer various additional IT services for your business needs. Check out our affiliated brands (or affiliated companies) to find the best match for your needs. Kilk QA team organizes a comprehensive quality assurance process and provides the wide range of test services: starting from.
Managed IT services, cyber security, superior cloud services and many more to help you stay one step ahead your competitors in the fast-paced digital world.
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